How Delevingne Was Found Intimate With Jaden Smith, Fans Pray For An Occasion

The ins and outs of the lives of Hollywood models have always been interesting things to follow, their love life is no exception. Recently the latest news came from models Cara Delevingne and Jaden Smith.

Launching Hollywood Life, in a photo taken on Valentine’s night in West Hollywood, the two were seen kissing intimately. Jaden seemed to present a bucket of red roses to Cara.

He then hugged the model with a big smile. If you look around, what can be seen between the two cannot be considered as casual friendship. The incident indicates if “something” is happening between them.

In addition, recently both of them co-starred in the film “Life In a Year”. This film focuses on a 17-year-old student, played by Jaden, falls in love with a girl (Cara) who has a serious illness. The film was released last November 27 on Amazon Prime.
If the two of them are in a special relationship, then this can be good news for fans. Even the fans who saw the photo were ‘crazy’ in cyberspace. Many of them support these two models for inventing.

“Wait, Cara Delevingne and Jaden Smith are dating? I really support them … it’s actually very sweet,” said one fan. “Jaden and Cara are really cute,” said another. “Cara Delevingne + Jaden. Dreams come true,” said another fan.

If indeed the two of them are dating, then that means this has been a high-profile relationship since Cara separated from her girlfriend, Ashley Benson. The two of them had been in a relationship for the previous two years. The way to know is that he is a pansexual and he has already admitted it.

“I’ll always keep thinking I’m pansexual,” Cara told Variety. “No matter how a person defines himself, whether it’s ‘them’ or ‘he’ (boy) or ‘he’ (girl), I’m in love with that person, and that’s all. I’m attracted to that person.”


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