Undergo an examination of the alleged hot video case, Gabriella Larasati is still a witness

Jalani Pemeriksaan Kasus Dugaan Video Syur, Gabriella Larasati Masih Jadi Saksi

Gabriella Larasati, who is suspected of being caught in an exciting video case on social media, has finished undergoing an examination at the West Jakarta Metro Police, Tuesday (23/2/2021).

Through Kasat Reskrim, West Jakarta Metro Police AKBP Teuku Arsya explained, currently Gabriella Larasati’s status is still a witness. Teuku Arsya conveyed this when he was met at the West Jakarta Metro Police on the same day.

“For now we are still examining GL as a witness. So this is still a meet character,” said Teuku Arsya.


Furthermore, Teuku Arsya emphasized that Gabriella Larasati underwent her examination cooperatively. He appeared to be accompanied by his attorney, Gontor Tobing, and a woman who was suspected of being a relative.

In addition, Teuku Arsya emphasized that there were 31 questions raised by the investigators. Gabriella Larasati answered all of these questions during the 5 hour examination.

“GL during the examination was quite cooperative. The person concerned was also accompanied by a lawyer during the process of taking the information. The investigator asked 31 questions, all of which were well answered and the process also took 5 hours,” said Arsya.

In addition, Teuku Arsya emphasized that he would summon other witnesses who were still involved in the exciting video. The investigators will again see whether this case is worthy of going up to legal processes.

“Later, from the testimony of GL’s sister and the testimonies of the witnesses we took, it means of course we will hold it to see to determine whether this case is worthy of going up to legal proceedings,” said Teuku Arsya.


The statement given by Gabriella Larasati today is considered sufficient and will be continued with the examination of other witnesses. This will be done according to the schedule determined by the investigators at the West Jakarta Metro Police.

“Currently we think the information is sufficient for GL, in the future we will take more information from the related parties to make this case clear,” concluded Teuku Arsya.


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